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Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera, 1080 HD video, night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, Works with Alexa – 1 camera


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User Review:-1

Confusing cloud storage policy on these smaller cameras, but great product once clarified


UPDATED: When I saw these smaller cameras announced I was excited and looked forward to adding them to my existing 5 camera Blink system. I figured these would be a great replacement for the XT/XT2 cameras that I had inside my house so I could then re-purpose those for additional outdoor locations. I thought this was a brilliant addition to the Blink camera ecosystem, adding a lower-cost camera for indoor applications like mine where the benefits of the battery power and weather-proofness would be overkill. Soon as they were released I ordered up a two-pack to add to my system. I installed one of them and found that the picture quality right out of the box wasn’t the best but once you change the video quality setting to “Enhanced” it’s right up there with the XT2 quality. The motion detection is a little spotty, as they use a new digital method of detecting motion (AI compares one frame to the next to check for changes). Some very subtle movement will show up, like a shadow moving across the viewing area, but then actually walking across it won’t (sometimes). A rep I spoke with said that they are working on an update to improve the consistency of that feature, which will be available as an over-the-air update since it is a digital-based feature, which I think is pretty cool. So originally my poor review was based on the cloud storage feature on these cameras. After I purchased these cameras I looked into the cloud storage feature as all of the literature I found on them stated that a subscription would be required. Since this is different than the previous XT & XT2 systems I was not pleased about this. After I posted my original review a rep from Blink reached out to clarify the cloud storage situation. So here is what I learned: If you already have an XT or XT2 system, then you can add these cameras to it without having to get a paid subscription. If you do not have a Blink system at all, and these cameras are the first ones you get, then you get a free subscription until December 31st, 2020; then you will pay $3/month per camera after that. By then though, they plan to have released a new sync module with an SD card slot so that you can locally store video clips without having to pay for a subscription at all. Personally, I don’t think they intend to have too many people on the subscription plan, I think they see the SD card functionality being more of a selling point but they had to piggy-back the first adopters of these Mini cameras onto the cloud storage until the new sync module gets released. Maybe they had delays in getting the new sync module released at the same time as the Mini due to factory closings around the world right now. I am much happier after this getting cleared up, but hope that they update the cloud storage & subscription info on the product pages to make it much clearer how this all works. Had I looked at all of the available info before buying these, then I probably would not have purchased them based on the unclear info that’s out there. In the end, the savior of the situation was the rep that contacted me from Blink. He clarified all of my concerns, gave me a great amount of info on the product, and answered all of my questions (I had a lot of them). To be clear, the rep did not once ask me to change my review, take it down, or in any way artificially influence me to do any of those things. The great job he did lead me to change this of my own accord, as they really took care of my concerns. One star deducted for the confusion but three added back in for the great CS experience. A good product can get you a buyer, but good service gets you a customer for life. Blink has done a fantastic job turning a disappointed (and misinformed) buyer into a satisfied customer. So to recap, if you have an existing Blink system, buy these and use ‘em where you don’t need the wireless ones. If you are looking to get these as your first Blink setup, let them know you will have the option of paying for a subscription starting in 2021 or a one-time purchase of a sync module with an SD card slot to store your video clips.


User Review:-2

Great cameras – Rushed app that is missing key features and was clearly designed for other cameras.


I pre-ordered 4 cameras without any reviews having been posted, so I hope that this helps someone. First off, the cameras are pretty nice, very easy to set up and get connected and the price is just about perfect. The app is where things start to fall apart. It clearly was created for the other Blink cameras that are battery dependent, so most of the quirks/problems I found are probably necessary for battery savings on the other Blink cameras. I have had cameras for well over ten years and have gone through several different apps/programs to access and store the video but I have never had an app that did NOT allow me to view all of my cameras at the same time. This one requires you to select a single camera and activate it individually to view real-time video. I assume that this was designed for battery savings, but since these cameras are always on, it now serves no purpose. Additionally, not having the ability to view all of my cameras, while activated in a single 4 pane window seems a step in the wrong direction. For years I have been able to see live feeds in a multi-pane format and select the camera I want to zoom in on that one, not with this app.

Second, tech support is, at best, not good. I contacted them regarding the IR light that apparently can NOT be turned off (although you can turn it off via the app for the other Blink cameras?!) and the support tech actually stated that he did not know anything about these cameras and had to ask someone else. That was a first for me. The IR light is probably not a big deal for most, but I have for years had an indoor camera pointed out a window since my front yard is pretty well lit at night and the IR light stuck in the ON position make that impossible.

I never review anything, but I wanted to get the word out on this. I suspect that these cameras were kind of rushed and the app just re-purposed, so it’s my sincere hope that they will address the live view concerns in future app updates specific to Blink Mini owners. Soon I hope!!!! Here’s to hoping!

Update: I was contacted by Blink following regarding my review. They indicated that multiple people had voiced similar concerns about the app’s real-time capabilities and they made it sound like they were developing an update to the app to address this. They also offered to send me an additional camera (an older model) that does allow you to turn off the IR at no charge. I asked directly if this would be in exchange for changing my review and they specifically did NOT ask me to amend this review. If nothing else, that is GREAT customer service.


User Review:-3

Easy setup but the app is lacking


I’m a Blink XT user with three cameras on the exterior of my home. The setup of the mini was FAR EASIER than the outside cams. I had this thing set up in less than 5 minutes. The picture is good. Sound is LOUD which is what I was looking for.

The app however needs some work to support this style of camera. The app works decently for the BlinkXT cameras and functionality, which is a motion for most users. As in you get a notification that there is motion, it records, and you watch the recording or live as you please. but it is clunky to get into the Blink Mini for the purpose of continuous viewing which is my intention for this camera, like a baby monitor. Like many other Americans now working from home with a full house of kids, I wanted to use this to assist with keeping an eye on the kids as I worked and record those cute moments. I wanted to use this to visualize a blind spot that I can’t see from the office. I tried mounting it from the ceiling and realized you can’t rotate the video. Mounting on the wall was a little problematic, I couldn’t quite get the right angle needed.

Another quirk to the app is if you switch to another app and then come back to the Blink app, you have to hit the play button to resume viewing.

All in all, these are minor issues specific to my use of the camera which is why I have it five stars anyway.

Hey amazon/Blink, it would be an awesome feature if you’d allow the integration of this camera with Alexa so we can “drop-in” and talk through the Echo Dot. Just saying.

User Review:-4

Easy setup and great image quality


This is a great little camera monitor. Pros: easy setup, easily managed with your smartphone, clear image quality with motion detection. Can be set up to arm and record at any time. I bought this to use in my master bedroom by my desk where I keep sensitive information.
Cons: if you are using it with another Blink product and you arm 24/7 then the other Blink unit also needs to be armed which is an issue because my other unit uses 2 AA batteries. There is no timer on the app to set up a time for the arm which would be useful because I sometimes forget to arm at night. It has good night vision quality. It needs to be plugged in so is a problem if you put it in a place (i.e. bedroom closet) if there is no outlet. Because of this, it is difficult to make the camera more hidden (if you are looking for a nanny camera for example).
Overall it is easy to use and I would recommend it for a basic home security camera.


User Review:-5

Amazing tiny camera


I just got the new blink mini x 2. I have been using it for a few days now. I currently own 10 indoor and outdoor cameras from a nest that I love and have never had issues with for several years. I also had a few blink wireless cameras for areas where electricity was an issue. These blink mini cameras work just like my Nest camera as far as quality of the pic, night vision alerts, etc. Why do I say the blink mini is amazing? The camera gives a wider angle display, super small and $35 compared to $200. Mini is a winner.



User Reviews-Negative


User Review:-1

One major flaw.


I bought this to use as a baby monitor, thinking if the quality was good I would end up purchasing an outdoor setting as well. I got it in this afternoon, and the setup was super easy. The picture quality is excellent for the price point.

The main issue for me is that there is no option for continuous viewing. The live view from the app will automatically shut off after 30 seconds if you don’t tap the “Continue?” prompt. If I had known this ahead of time, I would have never purchased a Blink camera. I watch my daughter on a Fire tablet while I work at night, and it’s really not feasible to stop typing every 30 seconds to press a button.

Maybe it’s my fault for not realizing it, but I don’t remember reading any information about the length of viewing time, so I assumed it would be like the Foscam I had sought to replace. If Blink ever adds an update for continuous viewing, I would repurchase in a heartbeat, but for now, I’m sending it back.

User Review:-2

Still missing key features!


unfortunately, I have had to downgrade my original review. After a year, Blink should have added the missing features listed below in my original review, especially individual camera notification control. If you have more than one camera; this missing feature is a huge annoyance. The Blink forums have been asking for this simple feature for 3 years and Blink has been unresponsive. If these features are ever added, I will update my review and can recommend the Blink system again.

I am very happy Blink is expanding their offerings and this little camera surprised me! We own a Blink XT2 system as well as Yi Cameras.

This Camera makes a much better baby camera than the Blink XT2 and works perfectly with our existing XT2 system. I did not have to sign up for the cloud subscription and because Mini Recordings are free as part of our XT2 system (XT2 cameras do not require a subscription). This is a huge benefit and reason why people would purchase both the Mini and XT2. Hopefully, the free cloud storage stays for the Mini recordings, especially for people who own an XT2 system. The daily experience is good, the app works well for the features it does have, but the cons listed below are a big issue that Blink should easily resolve for all their cameras. I am still very happy overall.

-Great build quality and design
-Great picture quality
-Very responsive when connecting to Echo Show (seems better than the XT2)
-Small size
-Mountable base
-Weighted base (weight can be removed)
-Long USB/power cord
-Two way audio with App
-Local storage option if you buy the new Sync 2
Reliable App

-No Two Way Audio with Echo Shows; both are Amazon companies, and I am not sure why this is not a feature already.
-No individual camera arm/disarm scheduling (you are forced to schedule your entire system)
-No individual camera notification control; Blink please also add this feature! This is extremely annoying especially as you add more cameras. I really only want notifications for our front door but want recordings without notifications for the rest of the House. I imagine most people would want the same thing.
-Can’t continuously view on the App. This can be annoying especially for this camera in our case (we are using it as a baby monitor). You can continuously view with an Echo Show but it does cut out eventually.
-Paid subscription for Cloud recordings; all other Blink cameras have free cloud recordings and it would have been better if this camera followed the same strategy.

Overall, this camera would be perfect and get 5 stars once Blink fixes the few App features missing listed above. I have contacted Blink in various forms to inform them of the above missing simple features but the responses have been unimpressive. I plan to modify this review if the features are added, but unfortunately, people have been begging Blink for these features for years.

User Review:-3

Useless toy nothing else.


This camera has zero features as far as ”security camera.” what you needed to know before your purchase this toy:

1) no memory card capability, meaning you have to have a subscription to the cloud service otherwise you won’t able to record anything
2) without cloud service deception, you can use only in ”live view.” which requires you to tap the screen every 30 seconds. It has no constant view option. So it is useless if you want to use it to monitor anything.
3) you basically have an option to mute or have the volume on when live view. There is a volume adjust button with very little sensibility. So, you either have it very loud where your whole environment can hear what is going on, or you have to set it mute.
4) not user-friendly at all. The app that you have to use in order to access the camera is not user-friendly at all. It has very small letters, hard to read. Even if you are able to read it, the Icons doesn’t make any sense and has no explanation.
5) The night vision is a joke. Through the camera view, you won’t able to see a difference between a cat and a raccoon from 4 feet distance
6) the software and the operating system are not ready to use. Most of the time when you are trying to access the camera view, it says “system is busy please wait.” What does it mean, I have no idea.
7) considering all of the major issues that come with this camera, I would never trust to purchase a cloud service from a company that poorly designed and taught through the whole idea of a “security camera”.
8) price! For almost 40 bugs plus a cloud plan, You will end up paying $100 for the first year. For this price, you can purchase a decent system that truly serves your needs.

I have watched many videos on Youtube about this camera. But none of them are telling these. Most reviews are done by ” Say something nice about this item and get it, free reviewers”

User Review:-4

“LIVE VIEW FAILED” error constantly


I wanted to love these. I ordered 2, the price for both was great and the other BLINK products had good reviews. The initial setup was very easy, user-friendly, and quick. The app itself, as in many states is lacking with the live preview not being displayed like most all other home monitoring systems. I’m sure that can be fixed with an update in the future, so not really a huge deal. My biggest problem is that DAILY I get an error saying “LIVE VIEW FAILED” when I try to click into either camera. The only thing that resolves it is unplugging my cameras and plugging them back in. Which on the daily, kinda defeats the purpose of home monitoring, especially if I’m not home to do it, then I’m out of luck. My internet connection is not the issue, I have tested that numerous times thinking maybe that was it, but every time it does not display any issues. I also have a very fast connection speed. It’s frustrating to spend any amount of money and not get a properly functioning product.


User Review:-5

Does not live up to the hype. Nice try, but, NOT


I have had BLINK cameras since it seems Day One. We have had them for quite a while now. Started with the white ones, then the black, (Haven’t tried the X2 yet), and now these new “MINI” cameras. The picture quality is great, love that they plugin (our main Blink cameras are wired for a/c power), but the supposed two-way talk on the new MINI just, well, SUCKS.
Big time!
So much feedback, distortion, and the person I’m talking to can’t be heard after I stop talking if they respond right away.
This was released way too soon.
Don’t know if I’ll send it back or not, may wait for the 29th day, and decide then.
Curious what others have to say, I didn’t look or read any reviews, I bought them right when the MINI was released.

It’s going back. This is terrible. The old camera will ding way before this one, pointed at the same area, same settings, etc.
I can’t rely on this one.
Also, it names the video clip “your”. We named this camera “Papa” so when we got a ding, the alert says: alert from your Papa. Other cameras will say alert from, and the camera name, not “your” And the camera name.
Makes no sense.

It’s too dangerous to try and rely on this mini.
I wonder if the X2 is the same?


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