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boAt Bassheads 242 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic(Active Black)


Positive Reviews

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Positive Review1

Value for money, Durable, for music lovers



The sound quality is ear-deafening… u can use it with 70-80% more than that u can’t or u r crazy …

BASS 5/5

I feel the price is affordable.5/5

The wire is very durable 5/5(Wires with nylon outer cover as of I know)

The buttons 5/5

I use it as a daily driver in the gym.

It won’t come unless u take it out.

Cons: After using it for 60-70 minutes you will feel slight discomfort due to the rear wing and also you feel discomfort whiling using it while on a pillow in bed. ( the ear hooks are detachable) it gives more comfort. But it is the best-wired headset in the range and it is better than their own 225 headphones…

I highly recommend it for people who need good bass headphones



Positive Review 2

All your doubts cleared – Great Buy!!!

This is a product review after using it for straight 2 hours since it just got delivered today.

What an improvement firstly from the boat bassheads 225.

Now, I don’t know what the other negative reviews are about since I personally did not find any issue whatsoever with these in fact I am delighted by it.

If you are looking for a well-wired earphone and don’t want to spend much then this would be the best budget earphone in the market right now.

Firstly speaking of the body it is plastic and not metallic and so it has become lighter than the previous bassheads so much that after using it for 2 straight hours I almost forgot I had them put on. I just felt the wire could have been a bit thicker but don’t forget the wire is braided and coated with a rubber-like material which should resolve that dilemma.

These come with ear hooks which to my surprise were so comfortable. I usually hate ear hooks cause they hurt after a while but these are just so soft and fit right in.

Moving on to the main purpose and the bigger question “BASS”.

I would say it’s perfect.

The sound quality is so very crisp and clear.

BASS is in the right spot and according to me, you don’t need anymore.

You may hear from other reviewers the BASS is not as good as the previous bassheads please understand it depends on what kind of music you listen to and mostly the KBPS which is kilobits per second. The higher the kbps the better the sound including bass and treble.

The loudness is great almost deafening at the highest volume.

To check noise cancellation (although these earphones don’t say noise cancellation) I made a few phone calls and asked if they heard any background noise and they said they could hear little to nothing of what is happening in the background. Now of course this is in a normal environment and may not cancel the traffic sounds or loud background noise.

The added advantage is the IPX4 sweat and water resistance (you don’t find this feature in most wired earphones at least not in this price range) which is great especially when you work out or when you are jogging or talking a walk. Although since it is wired you will find discomfort and so may want to get wireless Bluetooth earphones instead.

So here, how I would rate it on a scale of 1 – 5, 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Price: 5

Build Quality: 4.5 ( Only cause I think the wire could have been a little thicker)

Loudness: 5

Call Quality: 5

Bass: 5 (The bass is just perfect if any more bass than this you’d better be putting your ears on a loudspeaker).

Hope this clarifies your doubts about this product.

All in all yet another great product from BOAT and you won’t regret the purchase.


Positive Review 3

Best headphone in this price range.

This is the true earphone to connect you to nirvana not for longer times because it starts pain in the ear after a long time of continuous use.

Bass- at the price of 450, the bass is terrible. You will get powerful bass than you expect.

Sound- if a headphone has poor sound, it is not a headphone. But this one has the sound that will blow your mind totally.

Noise cancellation- in the price range of 400-500 no brand will give you perfect noise cancellation headphones, but in boat bassheads, there is noise cancellation but not so good.

Overall- if you have 500 rs. And you are searching for a beast headphone in your budget and if you are reading reviews, and if you are reading this one, I am telling you to go for it without hesitation because after long research on 2 shopping sites I found this product best in my price range. (I bought it for 450).


Positive Review 4

Overall good package. Fond of this

If you want durable earphones, protected from sweat, water. Go for this.

Build quality: Very good form factor, braided cable with waterproof coating. Ear tips are comfortable and fit nicely, look durable.

Sound: Boat earphone, hence Bass rich, treble, and mids could have been better (as I listen to music in studio monitors, so I felt, not a big issue)

Downsides: Wire seems very durable, but not too thick. Could’ve been thicker. Extra ear tips only 2 small and 2 mediums. Could have been provided more.

Overall you can surely take this if you badly need waterproofing and durability, otherwise, 225/152/162 has slightly better sound. But this has volume.


Positive Review 5

Best, using it for a month now!

Best for me. If you fall in the middle category, where you don’t want the best of the best earphones but also don’t want the worst, go for this.

Earbuds don’t fall from my ears! My ears are kind of weird. Like Amir Khan (lol). (I have had a bad past with regards to this with my previous earphones).

The bass is good. Sound clarity is also good. Some experts may say the vocal clarity is overshadowed by the bass, but I am okay with that.

The clip is very useful in preventing the earbuds from falling. I clip it on my collar.

The cable strength is also good. The cable got pulled twice by accident, and nothing happened to the earphones.

The mic is also good. I use these earphones to listen to music, watch YouTube, calling, send and listen to voice notes, etc.

Best. Cheers!

Don’t think too much 🙂


Negative Reviews


Negative Review 1

Sound is pathetic

I was looking for midrange earphones for quite some time for my workouts and running .but this piece of earphone is up to my mark as

It is perfectly gripping in my ears no fear of falling while running,

The clear and metallic sound

Good bass,

Look wise it is awesome.

Braided wire means strength

After using it for few days there is a change in the sound pattern so I returned it. And I’m changing my review from 5 stars to 2


Negative Review 2

Poor servicing, no reply for my complain

I purchased this boat headset, initially, it was working excellent but after 2 months, I don’t know whether it’s a design issue or might be another problem, I contacted the service center of the boat. They denied replacing my headphone, staff said me that it’s a special cricketer edition so I need to complain online from the boat website and I registered a completely raised ticket but till now no reply. Poor service till date no reply from BOAT. kindly think before buying boat products.


Negative Review 3

After almost1 a week right earplug isn’t working properly and they are causing so much pain in the ears

Before these earphones, I used the basic Samsung earphones which were 5 years old.

And I am writing this review after 3 days of usage, daily for 3-4 hours.


1- Crystal clear & loud sound. 5/5

2- Amazing bass. 5/5

3-Call quality is fine. 4/5

4- The wires are braided which makes them more durable. 5/5

One of the most amazing features is that you get sound control buttons in this earphones which work as a charm.

Cons :

1- After continuous use for 45-60 mins, they cause pain in the ears.

2- They are MADE IN CHINA. I didn’t know it before.


After daily usage of almost 1 week, the right earplug is not working properly and they are causing a hell of a lot of pain and itchiness on the ear.

I am reducing the rating from 4 stars to 1. Also, I have applied for a replacement.

I really wish, somehow refund would be possible, as I don’t want to waste 500 Rs.


Negative Review 4

Unhappy with the poor built up quality

By look and sound, it was good

But it has a very poor quality of wire which has been a problem of BOat.

This is my 3rd boat earphone which one side is stopped working… replacement earphone quality is also of the same quality usually lasts for 1-2 months only.

it has zero noise cancellation don’t think about taking calls using it

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Negative Review 5

Not suitable even for walking

Very flimsy! Not meant for runners, sports, or even walking for that matter.

The wiring inside the mic assembly where other buttons like volume controls are placed was shorting causing volume commands to be activated on slight movement of the cord around the mic module. Buy it if you still want to experiment and don’t mind losing your money. Keep the packaging for at least till the return window in case you buy it.


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