Top 10 Useful User Reviews for “Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz with USB Nano Receiver” performance-wise review after 6 months of use.

Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz with USB Nano Receiver, Optical Tracking, 12-Months Battery Life, Ambidextrous, PC/Mac/Laptop – Black.

Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

Positive Reviews

Positive Review 1

Great value for money

I was using Logitech M235 for almost 2 years now, but all of a sudden pores/swells/lumps filled with oily liquid started to appear on the rubber part of the body where fingers were getting in contact with it. So being fear full of it being something like carcinogenic, I had to just change the mouse.

After doing some searched I narrowed it down on this one, since it doesn’t seem to have a rubbery body and is of plastic, so it probably won’t suffer the same fate.

Now to the product itself, I’ll compare it with M235 quite often as I have used it for 2 years and it is at the same price.

  1. It is larger than M235, just a little but I actually appreciate it as it is much better to handle in slightly thicker hands.
  2. It is very smooth operating, I’ve used it on wooden rest as well as floor and it works quite well, almost better than M235 as I was using it for 2 years
  3. The on-off button is very convenient to use as its design is better than M235
  4. It is aesthetically way more appealing than M235
  5. Plug and play, I used it on both Linux and Windows and it doesn’t require anything other than simply putting the USB thing in the USB slot, the mouse starts working ASAP


  1. It is retaining some oily fingers, should be easy to clean but still, I found it more likely to get dirtier than M235 due to black body
  2. No light to indicate battery status could be both +ve and -ve, but I would rather have it than not
  3. Packaging was very bad, that box came in almost crushed, but my product was okay so I didn’t complain but it won’t happen all the time

Overall it is a wonderful mouse for Rs 499/-

Would recommend it, I can’t yet comment on battery life as it is still early, but hopefully, it will last for some time.



Positive Review 2

Well its indeed a nice product

I got the delivery within 1 day. Thanks to the seller and Amazon. Now the mouse is extremely tiny and is very easy to use. Logitech provides an alkaline battery that you can use. And the camouflaged storage to hide the USB receiver is indeed worth appreciating. But what I found a bit odd is that the optical sensor doesn’t glow and neither there is any other led to indicate it is on or off so have to be a bit careful if you don’t want to drain the battery soon. All in all 4.5 out of 5. Below 600 this is a good deal.


Positive Review 3

Good mouse overall recommended

Logitech is the pioneer in mouse technology. Although Agilent was the 1st to bring the wireless mouse technology to us.

This mouse has the following positive points:

  1. Handy grip
  2. Long time work
  3. Portable design
  4. Long-lasting battery
  5. Power saving mode.

A long-lasting battery doesn’t mean you can use a single battery for life long although it can work for 11-12 months.

As per the testing, its current consumption is very low.

5.9 mA in working mode, 0.1mA, 0.9mA in sleep and intermediate mode respectively.

So I suggest going with Logitech without thinking twice.


Have a great day!


Positive Review 4

It’s durable

I have been using it for a few months, working fine. But I specially wanted to write a review of this mouse as it survived through a monkey’s hands. Today morning, a monkey entered via the window and took away my mouse( which I did not realize then). After that, my neighbor had noticed something fell off the window from the third story ( luckily it landed on nearby earth instead of concrete). it survived the fall and there were few scratches and the right-click button has a dent( probably the monkey must have tried to yank it off) but everything works pretty fine with just a bit of extra pressure needed for the right-click button.

therefore, I believe that this mouse has been made well to take that much beating and still work.


Positive Review 5

Best ambidextrous compact mouse

I gave it 5 stars for its ergonomics… I’m a leftie, so I use the mouse in my left hand, my precious mouse was some RGB mouse which I could only use in my right hand. It was so uncomfortable and I wanted an ambidextrous mouse. I found this on Amazon and this product is really awesome😍. It comes with an alkaline battery with should last more than 400+hrs at least. And the size is so cute. I especially purchased it for my laptop.

And I can carry it in my bag… Just go for it. But the only concern is, we have a Logitech M170 mouse for our CCTV setup… And M170 looks better than this one in terms of built quality and the material used. But however, for this price it’s awesome!


Negative Reviews



Negative Review 1

Surprisingly low quality from Logitech

This was beyond my expectation that within 6 months this mouse will give up its functionalities – that too when the product is from Logitech. Let me sum it up for you:


– Lightweight

– Easy to hold

– Looks & feels slim


– The scrolling mechanism failed within 4-5 months (its 6 months running & I am UNABLE to use the scrolling wheel any longer – as it behaves on its own mind)


– At this price there are other brands available – which will work flawlessly for >6 months at least.

– And if you need peace of mind, rather add a few extra bucks and buy the higher models (which are proven over time)

– This won’t be a wise purchase as it seems more like a hit-or-miss case. Why take that chance?


Negative Review 2

Scroll Wheel Stopped working in less than a month

I was a huge Logitech fan, I am a graphic designer and using their wireless mouse for the last 8 years, their mouse used to last for 2 years easily، before their click buttons stopped working. I never complained and happily bought a new one. It was a fair investment.

But this particular model is really bad, its scroll wheel stopped working in just one month, can’t return because Logitech is offering only 10 days return window.

I mean why only 10 days? Presumably, they know this item is not going to last longer.

Can’t visit a service center because it’s far from my place, so visiting their service center may cost us more in terms of time and money.

Also this mouse it’s very uncomfortable while holding in hands, it looks sturdy but due to its small size, it does not fit properly in my palm and leaves a gap between palm and mouse, because of this gap I feel pain in my wrist. So if you are planning to use it for more than 30 min then consider buying some other model.

I found many other users have similar complaints related to the scroll wheel. Logitech must replace this faulty model to salvage its reputation. I am already exploring some other brand’s mouse.


Negative Review 3

Second-hand product, stopped working soon

It has only been 3 months since I have used this product and the scroll wheel has stopped working! After looking at the reviews I had thought it was worth the money but seems money wasted now. I expected it to work for at least a year! The day I received the product it seemed like it was a used product and looked second-hand, I couldn’t exchange in time and be in dire need of a mouse so started using it. I also tried to reach customer care but no support!

I would say buy a better brand mouse and not this one or at least from the shop and not from Amazon!


Negative Review 4

Scroll wheel failed within 3 months

It’s a compact lightweight mouse and had zero issues with it until the scroll wheel failed on me barely 3 months into usage. And with the covid lockdown, there’s no way for me to claim the warranty. This is the second Logitech wireless mouse that has failed within 12 months of its respective usage. Logitech is a reputed brand and undisputed global leader when it comes to computer mice, but unfortunately, my experience has been sour so far, so been forced to look at other manufacturers until I have the money to splurge on something like a mix master.


Negative Review 5

Unreliable wireless mouse, waste of money

I have bought this mouse twice now. Both have stopped working. I bought the 1st one in July 2020 and it stopped working by Jan 2021. So I bought another one and that stopped working in March 2021. Both were within the warranty period so I called Logitech. They told me the only way if at all, to get a replacement is TO GO THEIR ONLY SHOP IN THE CITY AND ASK IF IT CAN BE REPLACED. NO OTHER WAY. This is a subpar product. Do not buy it as the warranty is useless.

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