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DECORVAIZ Multipurpose Laptop Table with Dock Stand & Non-Slip Legs Foldable and Portable Lapdesk for Study & Bed.

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Positive User Reviews

User Review Positive-1


Hello, This item is so nice and comfortable to use on anyone such as a laptop, Tab, etc.
I bought this for an online class by mobile and laptop and you can also use it for lunch and small work on the bed during sleep mood.
We bought it at 374 rupees and I think its value will be 299 to 320rupees then it is the perfect rate for this Table.

Overall product is Good and some few scratch such as a point, line, etc.


User Review Positive-2

You get what you paid for !!!


You get what you paid for – while others are selling similar products around for 1000rs I bought it for 385/- thanks to the seller and Amazon.

* Decent quality product.
* Good size. Easily accommodate a laptop and enough room size for other stuff like a book or a Mouse.
* Comes with a coffee cup holder.


no complaints but,
* Only one single color.
* Rubber grips quality can be improved.
* Packing can be improved.

Btw, I got the product in a mint condition. No dents or damages.


User Review Positive-3

Not bad, not great. Ok Ok product


The board given is good but the borders and corners finishing could be a bit smoother. It is rough and scratching the skin.
The height is not adjustable and the present level of the table is a bit short. Had it been 3inch taller it would be ideal.
The plastic used in slots is low quality and the edges not properly finished.
Metal legs could have been painted evenly to avoid the rough surface it has. Also, the foam given on legs to avoid slipping won’t last long looks. It is easily tearing.
Not so great. Ok ok for 549/-

User Review Positive-4

Quite Heavy in Weight but Worth the Money


I bought this table around 2 months back. Here I would like to mention a few things about my experience.

1] Quality: Quality is just okay. It is quite heavy in weight but it does the job. The wooden board is heavy. Joints seem average.
2] Price: I bought it in around 480/- which is okay but as of now the price has reduced to 249 which is absolutely worth every penny.
3] Comparison: I have another table from another brand which I bought in 800 is much more lightweight and joint are heavy. but still for the price it is good. It does the job.

User Review Positive-5

I like the table and it serves the purpose for which I bought it!


Lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Large enough to fit the laptop comfortably and have some space as well for your hands to rest and type. Now I no longer have to keep my laptop on my bed. I can use this at a stretch for 2 hours and then you will need to take a rest before resuming work.

User Review Positive-6

Good Choice at Reasonable Price


I would have given it a five-star if it was not delivered slightly defective. Its coffee holder was slightly broken when I got it. However, I kept it and after using it for more than two months now, I am writing this review. I am a regular user, as I am a student, I use it from 9 in the morning to 10 at night. But, it is very sturdy and comfortable. I am happy with its performance.


Multipurpose Laptop Table

Negative User Reviews

User Review Negative-1

Do not much expect from this product

I just purchase it for daily routine work. You need to wrap all borders because all borders are very sharp. It is useful for those who work on a Laptop or who write much more in the day. not much suitable for a laptop of size 15 Inches or more because the place is too much short as occupied by a circle and to place mobile. the plastic quality is not good not expected by me. But, It was used by son for eating purpose and he likes it.

User Review Negative-2

Worst product


The quality of this product is worst. Foldable legs are not working properly. The side of the tabletop is not pasted properly. Waste of time and money please don’t buy this product. I didn’t expect such a cheap quality product from amazon

User Review Negative-3

Foldable study table for kids

Product quality is cheap and also damaged product received. I replaced the product twice but also I received damaged product only.. material quality is not good …corner plywood sheet is also broken..I am very disappointed with this product.

User Review Negative-4

Nice but some flaws


I am using this product for one month. There are few drawbacks I found in the table.
– Round stand is unstable. Due to which this table is unstable. Already once my laptop falls from bad because the table is turned by little push.
– Edges of this table are rough. Due to which fingers and other body parts get deep cuts.

The material of the table is good. My advice not to use the round stand and work on finishing a little more.

User Review Negative-5

Don’t buy unless you really have to


The look is good and convenient to working like typing. But the major problem is the legs are very wobbly, especially on non-hard surfaces like the bed. The screws on the legs had to be tightened on regular basis. The non-slip covers on the legs are of cheap quality and are not attached, hence always move around. The cup holder is good, but the tab holder is of no use due to a manufacturing defect.


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