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OnePlus Buds Z (White)

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Positive User Reviews

User Review Positive-1

It seems like a very good buy. After 48 hrs use and some experiments..!


Just got it..!!

The packing and the quality of the product are impressive. The buds fit snugly & securely. No chance of them flying off my ears.Can confidently use them for an outdoor workout. Tried some western music, movies & Roobaroo( AR Rahman). Good. Pls note, I don’t have any expertise to comment on bass, pitch or timbre. But it’s nice. The charging case is sturdy and precharged. So I was able to use the buds out of the box. The buds get attached magnetically to the case and the click sound on closing the case is quite reassuring. Got paired to my Galaxy S7 immediately. With newer mobiles, the connection might be even better. Charging via C type port. The product definitely carries value for money.

Concerns- Rated ?? IPX5, yet there are concerns regarding water resistance. User manual warns against using water, alcohol, or liquids to clean the buds. Charging ports stick up in the charging case and attach magnetically to earbuds. While wiping with alcohol, is there a chance for a short circuit since the ports are precharged..? Shall give details regarding battery backup and shock resistance (accidental drops invariably happen, esp. in my case!) in a later post. For the time being, let me dive into some true wireless music.😊

After 48 hrs use

Satisfied with the purchase.
5 hrs playtime in a single charge. Fast charged again for 15 mts and got a playtime of more than 2 hrs..didn’t believe that one in their ads.!
Disinfected both earbuds and case with alcohol spray and it’s still working.
As expected, the buds fell from my hands a couple of times, and had to carry my weight twice over various furniture. No probs.

User Review Positive-2

Hands Down the best in 3k


I’m a music head, my main purpose of buying these is I’m using oneplus 8 which does not have an earphone jack which forced me to buy buds z, I bought these for listening to music when I’m traveling and playing games, coming to the review

How do the earphones look: 7/10
The case looks decent, but I like the onplus buds case cuz they have a matt finish and easy to open with a single hand. What I dislike is the styling of the earphone they look simple they should have designed it better or gave more color options and accent colors but can’t complain cuz they r prised at 3k overall at this price range although they r made out of plastic they look decent

Features :
water and sweat resistance is there which is good when ur doing workouts but they r not waterproof if u dump them in water just forget them they r dead.
Touch controls this part is hilarious they have only one option which is double-tap which skips a song, receive or cut calls that’s it, they said they r building an app hey melody wonder when they’ll make that app available for the users, oh BTW it has bt 5.0 which is nice

Comfort: 10/10
This the part I love abt these earphones they are very comfortable they are lightweight and I can wear them all day man they are very comfy

Battery: 8/10
Oneplus claims 20 hrs battery with using case but I get around 15 hrs approx with case and earphone. the earphone themselves give u around 4 hrs of usage then u have to recharge them using the case

Sound quality: 8/10
As I said I’m a music head, I like ground shattering bass in my music
But I have mixed reactions to these buds.
Believe me, the bass is there and thumping but if u compare it to wired earphones like sony xb55 or Sennheiser cx 275s which r my fav, these earphones produce rich and awesome bass, which oneplus buds z lacks. These two earphones have 10mm drivers they produce a very balanced crisp sound with good bass overall they perform good the highs, mids, and lows everything is good

Latency 10/10 if u have 1+ device
I play pubg a lot i mean pubg kr version😉
These earphones r awesome for pubg
There is no latency at all I’ve tested many two earphones but every earphone had some delay
But believe me, these have 0 delays loved it and u don’t need to turn on fanatic mode

Final verdict :
at 3k i can’t ask for more. build quality and design is personal preference, me I can live with it no probs sound is nice but u can turn it to awesome by tweaking the eq settings, I use poweramp app to enjoy my music it has the best eq and other settings than any music app in play store I’ve tweaked Dolby settings in my device and eq in the music app wallah these perform awesome now I’m very happy with the buy, love these two and I recommend these earphones, just go for it believe me ul love the comfort and sound quality it offers, I promise! if u want good looks u can skip but at 3k these r the best two available on amazon

User Review Positive-3

From one plus, I expected better but it’s just another me-too product

If your usage requirement is 75% for voice calls and 25% for some good music, then stay away from this. Cons as below,

-Does NOT have multiple device connectivity that allows me to connect to both laptop and phone at the same time, this was a very important requirement for me

-Audio quality is good, but only as good as the Boat 1 to 1.5k range of earbuds, nothing too great here
-Battery life is just about okay

-Every 5 minutes, there is a 2-sec drop and music goes off and comes back on automatically

-On voice calls, if I speak with just one earbud on then the listener cannot hear properly

-Placing the earphone back into the case needs a bit of extra attention as more often than not I place it incorrectly (not a customer forward design)

– Customization features for double-tap is poor, would have expected more options from Oneplus

With Oneplus Nord, I thought the company was moving back towards its original mission of providing great features at an affordable price, but sadly Oneplus Buds Z is just another me-too product from Oneplus. I think to post the negative feedback of Oneplus Buds, the company wanted to slap on silicone ear tips and reduce the price and that’s what they have done here. You can get the same value at 1.5k earphones from Boat/other 4* rated brands I guess.


User Review Positive-4

Excellent work by OnePlus. Not recommended for heavy bass lovers. Max volume limit is an issue.

I’d rather give it 4.5 instead of 4 stars. Each and everything is just right and its rightful credit goes to OnePlus who introduced the silicon earcups to enhance passive noise cancellation. We can toggle about how to use each of the earcups between play/pause, next/previous track and activate voice assistant. As I own a OnePlus smartphone, the moment I opened the charging case to get the buds, instantly it got connected to my OnePlus smartphone using the Quick Pair feature which is awesome. The sound quality is great and the bass is good, but for heavy bass lovers, I won’t suggest these buds because their sound quality is very much balanced with its treble and bass well balanced. The only thing which prompted me to give 4 stars instead of 5 was the “maximum volume level”, which I think is very low. You cannot simply increase the volume beyond a certain limit on these buds, so, if you are in a place with lots of noise around, you might not be able to listen to your music clearly.

User Review Positive-5

Quality Earbuds from Oneplus! No complaints.

Oneplus pulled off an amazing pair of earbuds that are exceptional when it comes to Sound and Convenience.

Quick Charge works like a charm, All the touch sensors work seamlessly in both android and ios devices.

Sound signature focuses on the lows without comprising on highs and mids. There’s enough treble/volume for listening to music, podcasts and Meetings.

The case is so small and compact, it fits within your pals. There’s also an led indicator for charging/pairing.

I haven’t checked its water and sweat resistance, but an ip55 rating should provide protection against raindrops and sweat.

Solutions for common Issues addressed by other users:

For customising the touch controls there’s an application for android devices called “Hey Melody”. It’s still in Beta, but you can download it by searching it on google, it will redirect to the play store.

Please turn on the AAC mode under the Bluetooth settings to enhance the audio clarity for android users. By default, IOS uses an AAC Bluetooth codec.

Use different ear tips to get a comfortable seal around your ears. Also included in the box.

Negative User Reviews

OnePlus Buds Z

User Review Negative-1

dreadful experience.

My first pair of buds z two had a mute issue while using, the audio mutes for 1 sec randomly while watching videos like once in every 5 minutes or 10. And then I replaced my product and the problem still persists with the new one too. Several other people are also facing this issue, they have posted it in oneplus forum heavily disappointed by the buds z. If you are planning on buying this please wait till they fix this issue
Apart from this, the sound quality is very promising.
also if you are a non-oneplus user, you cannot play games with this since the latency is very high and easily noticeable.

User Review Positive-2

Connectivity & stereo balance issues


I got this item on a deal for 2699/- so bought it without a second thought. I use a OnePlus 6 so I thought the product would go well together. But my experience is a mixed bag. I’m not sure if it’s just the unit I received but I had continuous disconnections from my phone even when the buds were right next to it. So, I had them replaced. I got the replacement item today, and THE BOX WAS MISSING A PAIR OF EARTIPS!! This was a sealed box so I’m not sure what is going on.. is Amazon sending refurbished/repackaged items when u ask for a replacement?

And what’s more, its audio balance is not right.. the left bud has a slightly lower volume to the right bud.

Now the only option under Amazon order is to “return an item”.. there’s no option for a replacement. And I can’t return & reorder bcoz the deal is gone. So, it’s either be stuck with this or return the item but lose out on the deal.

All in all, a bad experience for OnePlus & Amazon.

User Review Positive-3


Honest Review:
Every video or music that I watch has a lag. Like when I’m watching a video on YouTube the video sound stops for a few seconds and then starts. This can get very annoying and I wasn’t expecting such a terrible problem with earphones costing 3k.

Massive deal-breaker and a lot of YouTubers are shamelessly promoting these earphones without mentioning this major issue. Look elsewhere for truly wireless earphones. These are not the right buds.
I have the bullets wireless z and those are far superior.

User Review Positive-4

Not compatible for non OnePlus user’s

If I pay money for Ur product u have to give me full access to Ur product…it has Dolby sound support only to High-end model of one plus mobiles..then what’s the use of buying it for non OnePlus mobiles??..and then we can’t change the control settings in non OnePlus mobiles…

The product is good and top-notch only for OnePlus users… For non OnePlus users, we have a better product in other brands…

User Review Positive-5

The initial hiccup was resolved after using a larger ear tip from a local store. QA needs improvement

Am a oneplus fan since One. This is the first product that’s been an utter disappointment.
Went for it after reading all the reviews. But felt like I got a different product, all together. First, the earphones were not fitting in my ear, even after trying the largest bud provided in the package. It kept falling off even while sitting idle on my desk! Couldn’t take three steps before I need to hold the earphones from falling off. Bass is lacklustre and nothing to boast about, like how people are describing it. The worst part is the interrupted play. Been meddling with it for a few hours now and I still can’t play a full song without it pausing by itself in the middle!

Ordered a replacement. Figured almost all the issues were due to the size of the ear tips provided. In the first package, I had a pair each of medium and small tips. The new one had three small and one large size tip. The large size tip works fine for me and is entirely a different experience. Suggest everyone facing issues with auto pause and fit to try a larger bud size. I bought a pair from a local shop and the buds work well now. One plus surely needs to keep a check on the quality control, as I got only one L size ear tip in the original packaging. None on my first order. Attached pics for reference.


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