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Samsung Galaxy M31

Positive User Reviews

User Review:-1

Best Value for Money in this Range. Go for it without any doubt.


This is the best thing you can get at this price from a reputed brand with Made in India tag. The first time I ordered on the first day of the online launch and am happy. I’m writing after few days of usage, but this should not be different as my experience with Samsung has been most consistent as compared to other mobile brands I’ve used earlier.


Android 10! Beautiful looks! Finally, I can delete SMS from notification now!!
– Display is excellent with Blue light filter.
– Performance is good. No heating or lagging. Real Racing worked fine.
– 6000 Mah battery is BIG
– 128 GB storage is pretty good. 512 GB card supported with dedicated external card slot.
– Both dedicated sim slots support LTE
– Fast charging and 15W charger top with the phone. The phone came with a 0% charge. Charged fast.
– Mobile speaker’s sound is good, but I prefer external speakers for better bass in music.
– Camera is really good. Macro performance is very good – look at the skin in tattoo photo and dust particles in desk phone photo!! (photos of M31 are from another phone). Both front and rear cameras support FHD video 3840×2160. I may not require to carry my DSLR everywhere.
– Face unlock / figure-print sensor response is good
– Received next day by 11 AM!

Not So Good:

– Not that thin, but ok.
– Doesn’t have Samsung Dex
– Started to Boot Screen!! Gave me a little shock but selected the reboot option and then everything was smooth. An Android Updated (other than many application updates which is normal in any case) appeared within days of launch. But the update was smooth. No issue at all.
– Feels delicate in hand but an Rs.49 cover was good enough. Wrongly ordered black while the set is blue. Just 49 so will reorder the blue one as well 🙂
– Called Samsung Store, but no information from them about the availability date. Still no call from them.


– Feels good in the hand and in use. It is a powerhouse and you feel it.
– Will update after few days of use but don’t have any doubt as of now.

Go for it without any doubt.




User Review:-2

A fab phone at this price!

1. First of all let me tell you that previously I have used Moto G2, Moto G4 Play & Lenovo K8 Note.
2. I’m writing this review after 3 days of usage, using the 128GB version.

(a) A great delivery experience by Amazon, within 24hr delivery, the phone is sleek & stylish to look at.
(b) Battery backup(6000MAh) is just awesome. For an average user like me, it lasted for two days in a single full charge.
(c) Very very smooth processor, as compared to other phones in this price range like Oppo and Mi. Works like a flash.
(d) Brand value of Samsung at this price with the latest specs.
(e) With a quad camera & a 64MP main camera, pretty amazing photos are clicked. The low-light camera is particularly helpful.
(f) If you are a fan of AMOLED display, this is the phone for you.
(g) No problem of overheating while usage or charging.

(a) With a 15W charger, it is charging slow taking almost 2.5hrs for a full charge, especially when compared to the OPPO VOOC charger.
(b) Not a very rugged phone, you might need to use a back cover from Day 1.
5. I’m satisfied with the phone & the experience it provides. Overall, I would totally recommend you to go for Samsung Galaxy M31, as at this price range, with the specs & brand value of Samsung, this is the best buy. 👍


User Review:-3

My Real Review – M31 is Average


Those who are interested to buy this set, please follow my real Review before buying M31.

1) Phone Display is excellent. It is a good Video viewing experience.
2) In Daylight, Rear Camera photos are good but sometimes its colour is yellowish which is a very bad effect on the image. Even if a Night light or low light Selfie is not clear, you have to use Night Mode but Outdoor Selfie is excellent. It has 8x Digital Zoom which is an extra benefit. At this price, Zoom Quality is not bad.
3) 4K Video shot in both Real and Front Cameras, the Video Qualities are amazing.
4) Fingerprint Scanner is good but Face unlock is Average.
5) Battery Optimization is not good. At present, it takes around 3 hours to complete the charge from 6 to 100%, which was previously 2.5 hrs. I do not use any high graphic App.
6) It has no support of Secure Folder and Knox.
I think that Samsung is required to update the section of Camera, Battery and to add a Secure Folder App to compete with other Chinese brand Like Xiaomi, Realme, Poco, etc.


User Review:-4

It is a real Monster

Received it on time within 24 hours thumps up to amazon. Now Product. Done all the settings. I am using Samsung after a long gap of 8-10 years. After Samsung Grand, I had stopped using it. So setting done now data transfer Samsung’s smart switch option is fantastic. Everything I wanted to transfer got it. No problem at all. Now SIM transferred. Done OK it is dual 4G VOLTE and above all, it is having a separate slot for a micro sd card. Effortless working.

Now Camera. It has got a lot of options. All I have not yet tried but for sure I have checked the quality of the photograph and the night mode is superb. What else you want to know rest of the things are written in detail and are true. Working very fine. Proud to won it. Nice Product. Samsung should keep competing iPhone

User Review:-5


Let’s get straight to the point. If your main motive is to play graphic-intensive games (pubg /cod/asphalt/etc.) then there is a back button for you on the top left. Though Samsung M31 is a very good phone, there are other phones in this price range that will just do better in gaming.
Also, read the rest

The combination of the M31 processor (Exynos9611) and its an operating system (One UI 2.0) will give you a level of performance where you’d think your device is a flagship phone. It is clean, fast, optimize, and just feels so premium in daily uses.

The super AMOLED display use in M31 and the display that Samsung used in their flagship phones are the same. It is just so eye-pleasing and the colour production they are just amazing. You will not find any display equal to this in this price range. (If you don’t mind the high refresh rate displays which do not have Amoled like M31)

The M31 got the highest amount of battery among all the phones that I’ve heard (including midrange and flagships). On many online reviews, its charging speed has been criticized by many reviewers. But after using it for a while I think they are kinda exaggerating. Because we barely let our phone battery die till we charge. In normal uses, I charge when it is around 20-30% it gets fully charged within an hour and 45 minutes. Which is still surprisingly good considering the Battery size that we get.

The camera is the field in which the M31 shines amongst the other mid-range competitors. The 64mp primary camera, the 8mp ultra-wide, the 5mp depth sensor and the 5mp macro lens gives the perfect combination for the monster phone. Don’t get fooled by the numbers in megapixels because, in the end, it is how the device processes the pictures that matter the most. The Samsung M31 have particularly nailed image processing.
Meanwhile, the videos captured by these cameras are still above average they are not the best in this price range.

The Samsung M31 is one of the most overall balanced phones in the midrange. In some devices when there is an upgrade in one field we needed to compromise with the other downgrade. Every phone has its pros and cons no matter what brand. But considering all these ups and downs M31 still makes a value-for-money purchase.

Thank you.


Negative User Reviews

Samsung Galaxy M31 review

User Review:-1

False ads, poor camera quality, inefficient battery management

Let’s just begin with the obvious. This phone’s quality doesn’t meet the claims made.
1. Camera Quality: The picture quality is just awful. It’s worse than an 8MP camera. The pixelization is obvious and it is definitely not a 64MP camera. Do not believe the claims Samsung might make. The quad-camera is of no use as the macro camera reminds me of the decade when VGA cameras were common.

2. Battery: Samsung may claim the battery will last for two days but it didn’t last that long – no Netflix, Prime Video, heavy games being used. So that makes two of the biggest features useless.

3. Amazon’s Policy: In case you don’t like the phone, Amazon has made sure you are stuck with it. The switch from 10 days “return” policy to a 10-day “replacement” policy is downright wrong! Hold onto the shutter’s physical mobile stores – your days are not over yet. When you do request for the replacement, there is an inspection of the phone at the buyer’s site – which I understand but the fact that replacement will occur almost on the 10th day from my purchase still keeps me at unease.

1. Display: The screen quality is good and has adjustment options for warm light and cold light.

2. Performance: Streaming videos and playing heavy games was smooth for the first 4 days but then again Samsung is known for fast deterioration of performance, so I will keep my eyes and ears open.

3. Sound: Speaker quality is okay but not up to the mark. In a noisy place, you fail to hear the crispness and the boom.


User Review:-2

Inferior quality and built


I am using it for 3 days, 6000 mah battery is just for name only, it works for 1-1.25 days only with moderate usage.

64mp camera doesn’t support zoom, the camera doesn’t support 60fps video recording.

Build quality is not good, plastic back with lots of figure prints in few minutes handling, not look new in few seconds.

Face unlocking very slow.

Heat issue which charging and heavy usage

A full charge takes more than 3 hrs


User Review:-3

Samsung it’s not fair.

The phone camera is not good, Samsung says it’s 64 megapixel but its photos like 8 megapixels .photo detailing are not good. Also, the processor is not Upton the mark it’s sometimes slow and hangs in multi function use. While using a keyboard, the keyboard hides automatically for 1 second. My mobile variant is 6 GB 128 GB. Don’t waste your time and money.

User Review:-4

Serious Issue


The phone was wrapped in the dust. Although it was seal packed, still a lot of dust was on the screen and backside. It shows security concerns and Amazon, Samsung and the seller must draw its attention. How dust can be reached in seal packed box? Now I’m lacking trust in Amazon, Samsung and the seller. Either my phone was used or its components might have replaced, as, in the brand new phone, there exists no dust because they are a built-in factory, but here shows how they are playing with the customer and their product.

The phone is nice, large battery backup of more than 2 days, 6.4 display is big, the camera is perfect and 6GB ram is enough for daily usage. All things are good. No heating issue.

However, my only concern is “dust” and how it came there if it’s brand new.
So I could give 5 stars, but now 1 is enough.


User Review:-5

Performance issue


I bought this mobile last Friday, it is not working since the 6th day. Unable to receive calls and if unexpectedly I received a call not getting sound and I can’t hear the opposite person’s voice or my voice to them. When I try to call someone automatically network is getting disconnected and it’s reconnecting automatically in few minutes.

I expect this might be a software issue, I have gone through a lot of reviews, maximum number of people who bought this mobile facing this issue.

Unable to replace the mobile also as it is not showing any option to me.


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