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Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit | Eight Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum Kit with Play-Along Tracks, Drum Sticks & Drum Key Included.

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Positive Review 1

Good for beginner level but buggy

Getting myself my own personal decent drum set has been on my bucket list since my school days when I used to play drums. This one fits the bill with respect to features/ sound quality and price.

Unfortunately, the sound quality is not very great; especially the kick pedal sound is very low. The funny thing is that if I manually press the corresponding button on the control panel the sound is good’ seems to be some kind of software issue. I have contacted Alesis; no response yet for about two to three weeks now. So much for after-sales support!!.

The High Hat sound, sometimes is too much. So you need to individually set the controls of each component.

The mesh drums are good and give good feedback.
The drum head diameter is a different story, though. People like me who have played acoustic drums will find it difficult to hit the drum and not the rim.. :(. This will need some practice. The snare drum, in this model, also has a ‘rim’ function so you can hit the rim too like in acoustic drums.
There are a lot of sound varieties that you can choose from and a number of play-along tracks. These tracks can be played with or without the drum tracks. There is also a useful feature to keep your beat steady.

Overall it is a very good drum for beginners. Thanks to Alesis for bringing these qualities into an affordable drum set.

Now only if Alesis After-sales support wakes up!!

Positive Review 2

Overall Good Product

It’s more than two months since I bought this kit.

Playing is nice, but due to low cost / it is having some issues like

The snare is 8” so the playing area is very less, so ultimately you will end up touching the rim many times when you play fast, which spoils your playing sound.

Secondly the bass drum and pedal, your heart needs to pump extra calories to your foot to push the pedal as it is quite hard and hitting sound is also very high, so you will listen to the blend of voice (Hitting of drum and Actual Voice) together end up drum playing experience.

Thirdly the high hat pedal, not at all impressed with that due to arrhythmic sound when you press it again and again.

But despite this I again say, it is good for drummers who play just to tune up or to play for the interest

Positive Review 3

Amazing for developing drum skills!

The product is amazing. Very good for home practice! I connected it to my iPad Air2 and produced some awesome-sounding drum sounds, really love it. The only gripe about the item is that the snare is a bit small but can be managed, otherwise, it’s the best e-drum for its price.

Positive Review 4

Value for money for Intermediate

Just awesome…! Best for power drummers, it’s not a percussion kit, if you want to play it like a real drum, here’s the deal… 4 zone snare, 2 zone cymbals, and toms. Value for money. I used many of Alesis V-kit, but this time specifically the Meshkit steal the show.
Cons- need to make your own setup, preset tone volume needs to be adjusted. Need extra trigger for more cymbal use, cymbals and rides are separate, choking not available, hi-hat pedal needs to be more specific.

Positive Review 5

Amazing !!!

the kit is definitely amazing for beginners as well as for intermediates.
it was very easy to assemble. Just by looking at the manual, you’ll get to know how assembly will be done
it was super easy .

Some of the best things I have observed-

1.) Sound is very good and you can customize the sounds.
2.) Very light and portable.
3.) Connect your headphone and play. It will not disturb your surroundings.
4.) Recording drums is very easy just an audio interface and a laptop we are good to go (You can also record drums without an audio interface. You can take a tutorial from youtube )
5.) if you have a woofer you can directly plug that 3.5 mm jack in the phones Port and it will work

I’ll list out some of the minor problems which I have faced after assembling and playing.
1.) Holding mechanism is made out of plastic and after sometimes it loses up and you’ll have to tighten the screws again and again so that the grip can be maintained.
2.) Rims are very huge as compared to other drums you’ll have to be precise so that you do not hit the rims just like me, but with time you’ll get used to it.
3.) Throne is not included I had to buy that from a local store (commonly included in other drum kits)


Just go for it. Value for money and it is a great product sounds good has a lot of features. Customization can be done

Negative Reviews

Negative Review 1

Worst service by amazon

Amazon did not even let me publish my original review as I had given the whole story there. all I can say is don’t buy it as the drums just suddenly stopped working within 2 months of purchase and it has been more than a month that I have not received any warranty service. And I also don’t know if anyone will provide me the service or their intention is to con customers like this. truly disappointed. not buying anything from amazon ever again

giving one star as there is no option to give 0 star

Negative Review 2


Absolutely terrible experience. It was going well for the first 6 months or so, but then the bass drum tower broke while playing. Tried contacting Alesis multiple times, it’s been more than 10 days and I haven’t received any help yet. More than the issue with the product, the problem is with Alesis. I will never buy any Alesis product anymore, that I was planning to purchase for my home studio. Better you save up and get a Roland.

Negative Review 3

Bass sound is not up to make, manufacturers have to increase bass sound

Review is written after 2months of use and attached pictures of my Hybrid kit (mixing both Alesia and my acoustic drumkit) it worked great 👍

Manufacturers have to work more on increasing bass drum sound. But the module has an option to increase the volume but it won’t work much. Apart from that, this kit is value for money and it’s one of the best kits.

Negative Review 4

Extremely difficult assembling

Assembling is extremely difficult
requires a pro. People who don’t have this kind of assembling experience should not buy this when there is no service available

Negative Review 5

Price too high

Style Name: Nitro Mesh Kit
The same drum kit is available in for 34000.
Yet it is indeed a good drum kit with original feel of a drum kit.



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