“Website Tips and Tricks” How to generate traffic using Digg.

As Digg is one of the biggest social bookmarking sites on the internet, with the right techniques, you can use it to generate lots of traffic for your website.


You have to create an appealing profile with Digg as it is your profile that uses will first look at to learn more about you.

The more attractive and interesting is your Digg profile, the more users and Diggs you attract to your website.

Digg is used mainly for sharing favorite things with others however site administrators don’t like people who spam the network so spamming is not at all favorable to generate traffic from Digg.

After setting up an account with Digg, you have to make sure you get regular, fresh and interesting content on your website so that visitors who visit your site because of a Digg by a previous visitor will also Digg your site to maintain your website popularity.

You have to provide a means for visitors to Digg you, which is best done by inserting a bit of script at the end of each of your website posts so that visitors who feel your post is interesting will just have to click a button to post it on Digg.

Once you get a Digg in favor of your post, you will slowly find others stopping by to check your post and perhaps bookmark it too so that you get an increasing number of visitors to your post and your website.

Always be active on the Digg network and pay attention to the comments other users leave on the posts or articles you post to the system to build relationships with them.

If you participate and comment on others’ posts and articles on Digg, they too will reward you by Digging your content for others to see.

Make as many friends on Digg as they are the ones who will help you push your content to the front page and Digg worthy.

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