“Website Tips and Tricks” How to generate traffic using StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is a very popular and effective bookmarking site with low bounce rates that you can use to generate quality traffic to your website.

StumbleUpon has a low bounce rate which means that people who find their way to your site stay longer on your site, which is good for you as they spend time visiting your site’s various pages and subscribing to RSS feeds.

StumbleUpon is easy to use for generating traffic to your site; all you have to do is sign at their website and on clicking their ‘stumble’ button you are taken to a site matching your interests which you have to rate with a thumbs up or thumbs down.


It is only after you become part of the StumbleUpon community by making friends with other StumbleUpon users will you be able to use it to promote your website traffic.

Check the websites of other StumbleUpon users to rate their sites so that they will also rate your site when you submit products, services and blogs from your website.

By building your StumbleUpon profile, you look like a part of the StumbleUpon community and not a person just looking to build website traffic and thus make others interested in checking your recommendations for things.

Create a StumbleUpon profile by filling up information about yourself and your interests and upload an avatar that other business people with similar interests may relate with to trade links and banners with you for advertising reasons.

You have to build up your StumbleUpon friends’ list as it is only if enough people give your submitted site a thumb up will it become popular.

StumbleUpon friends will help increase your web traffic and web popularity as they rate your site with a thumbs up as you do for them.

If you have a blog, writing about StumbleUpon and having link to it on your website are affective means of generating website traffic to your site.

With the help of these tips, you will start to StumbleUpon increased web traffic to your site.

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