What is Facebook “Audience Network”, How does Audience Network work?

About Facebook Audience Network

Audience Network is a network of apps and websites outside Facebook that show Facebook ads within their content.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network

About 1 in every 5 mobile minutes is spent on Facebook and Instagram. But people are also spending time on other apps and sites. Audience Network helps advertisers reach more of the people they care about in the other places where they’re spending their time.

Audience Network ads use the same targeting, auction, delivery and measurement systems as Facebook ads.

Supported Objectives

Audience Network currently supports the following objectives:

  1. Brand awareness (video only)
  2. Reach (video only)
  3. Traffic
  4. Engagement (video only)
  5. App installs
  6. Video views (video only)
  7. Conversions
  8. Product catalogue sales

The behavior of an ad after it’s clicked on depends on the type of ad objective an advertiser chooses. When someone clicks on an ad, depending on the ad objective, what will happen is:

  • The ad will open a link in a new browser window
  • The ad will prompt someone to install an app
  • The ad will launch an existing app on their mobile device
How does Audience Network work

How does Audience Network work

Audience Network supports video and display ads. Note that creative and placement eligibility varies across objectives.

How does Audience Network work?

You can make money by running ads from Audience Network on your apps, Instant Articles or mobile websites. To do this, you’ll need to:

Integrate Audience Network in your app or site. Depending on your platform, you may need to implement an SDK.

Create placements in the developer dashboard or Monetization Manager, and implement those placements in your app or site.

Get your app or site reviewed. We’ll do this automatically the first time you request an ad from Audience Network.

Go live by publishing your app in the app store, or publishing your website. Once people start seeing ads from Audience Network in your site or app, you’ll start earning money.

The ads we serve to your app or site come from Facebook advertisers who choose to run their ads on Audience Network.


Why do advertisers want to run their ads on Audience Network?

Advertisers care about reaching people who are likely to be interested in their products. Through Facebook targeting, advertisers can show ads to people based on age, gender, location, interests, and more. Audience Network lets advertisers reach the same people both on Facebook and when they use your app, increasing the number of places where an advertiser can connect with potential customers.

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